Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kneel More: Geopoly

Yippee! I messaged Neil Moore (Kneel More), the creator of the Geopoly board auctioned at the MIGO Winter Social, and received the go-ahead to share with you!

How cool is this board?!? I'm blown away by this! 

He handmade it as an auction item, and it deservedly received one of the highest bids! I spent quite a bit of time reminiscing at the different caches TaGeez and I have visited. I really wish I could've flipped through the Community Event and Mystery cards.

He made custom cards, money, and game pieces. He posted that a coworker 3D printed the smalls and ammo cans (houses and hotels) included in the set. He didn't miss a detail. 

Proceeds (real proceeds - not the phony dough below) from the auction go towards the MIGO website, scholarships and events in Michigan. What an awesome contribution!

Visit Neil Moore's Cache Tales on Youtube!

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