Sunday, March 19, 2017


Joshua, the Geocaching Vlogger, shared a story about young Michael. Michael was a geocacher who lost his life recently due to a congenital heart disease. Today would've been Michael's birthday.

To honor this young soul, who used geocaching to improve his stamina, Joshua suggested a National Geocaching Day for Michael. Geocachers all over the country went out and found a cache in Michael's honor. TaGeez and I trekked into Detroit for ours today.

I Seem to Have Lost My Phone GC4BANJ

Afterwards we rolled towards Detroit Eastern Market area and then down to the Detroit River.

Wonderful ice flows on a sunny, blue day. TaGeez said he watched seagulls land on ice blocks and then ride them towards the Ambassador Bridge!

God gave Michael such a lovely day to celebrate life.

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