Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seneca County GeoTrail

Strep throat has knocked me on my butt, but I don't regret the adventure we had a little over a week ago.

ShelleyJean and I were perusing the latest lists of GeoTrails with rewards when Shelley discovered one just a hundred miles away offering trackable walking sticks as a reward! I shouted out the good news to TaGeez, and he, with a great sigh, replied, "Ok, let me get my pants." 

Seneca County GeoTrail

I'm glad TaGeez is such a sport. Otherwise he would've missed so much! Giant heads on front lawns. A headstone proclaiming the occupant was at Walmart. Totem Poles and tiny driving paths. The look on ShelleyJean's face when the Shake Shak cashier passed the walking sticks (broomsticks with wrist straps) out the drive-thru window and into Shelley's car! That was priceless!

Trackable Seneca County Walking Stick
We earned the last two walking sticks available. We also visited a half dozen cemeteries and checked off several new Ohio counties on our map. Ah, the memories made with friends! Another geotrail under our belts. Where to next?

Geotour versus Geotrail?

I was recently corrected online. In simplified terms, a Geotour is an official tour through Geocaching HQ; a Geotrail is an unofficial tour.  

Finding geotrails is not as simple as it would seem. Below are two valuable resources, but we found many, many geotrails (offering geocoins, path tags, t-shirts) simply by Googling local counties. 
Before planning your trip, make sure to contact the CO or Visitors Bureau to ensure they still have rewards available (they don't always update their cache pages and websites) and confirm their open days/times for pick-up, where necessary.

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