Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Team Lareau: emosewA eB

Have you met Team Lareau yet? 

They are a husband and wife team out of southeastern Michigan - as suited for each other as rootee2t & Y2Compliant, SCOOK & CITOcacher and Ratspazum. And, as of today they are on day #2342 of their cache-a-day streak!

Brian likes to design special path tags and will post contests on his Instagram account page.  Are you following him yet? I like watching his daily posts and guessing which cache they're at!

Last week or so he offered their latest motivational creation: "Be Awesome" path tags, and I won one!

"Be Awesome" is meant to be worn as a necklace and spelled backwards so you can see this awesome message in a mirror! Brilliant!

So, are you following him yet? I'm sure another contest is right around the corner. Thank you, Brian!

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