Monday, May 1, 2017

A Gem from the Smithsonian

From the vaults of the Smithsonian... treasure!

Our geocoin from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Museum geotour arrived today!

Isn't it stunning?!? It's a 2" geocoin. The front is a relief of the actual museum.

And the back features the various areas of study within the museum.

This is my favorite of my geotour/geotrail geocoins because we worked the hardest and has the most fabulous memories of our adventure!

Update: I receieved this great email from Dan of the NMNH
Dear scrapcat;
Your NMNH Geotour cache logs,
Thank you very much for your kind and wonderful logs. Both you and ShelleyJean's logs make us feel really good about the geotour. I'm glad that you enjoyed the tour and took the time to reflect that in your logs. I have something to learn from them myself.
Again thanks,
Cache on,
Dan for the NMNH GeoTour group

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