Friday, April 28, 2017

Cachers Giving Back: CITO Weekend

Ah! Spring time! Time to get outside and join your friends in... gathering trash.

afishoutawater, TaGeez, Team Gates and Scrapcat
And caches.
This week is the annual CITO week. Cachers gather for Cache In Trash Out.

First event for last weekend was Scook and CITOcacher's cleanup in Rouge Park.
They both set the example for CITO's and rewarded us with 11 chances at First-to-Finds.
After spending an hour filling bags of discarded booze bottles, my group earned won a nice one called Doric, Ionic or Corinthian?

Groovy West Side CITO at Rouge Park GC7124J

It was great seeing TaGeez out in the sunshine. With his broken leg, he stayed close to the CITO table, being Mr. Social Butterfly. We did manage to grab a few caches on the way home.  

Sunday morning found us at DarrylW4's Bubble Tea event. He had a new Instamatic camera and sent us home with some souvenirs. These pics remind me of the old photos of my parents at their kitchen table - painted wall in the background and odd lighting not flattering anyone.

April Bubble May Bring Cachers GC7339F

We stayed long enough to earn our smiley, swap some trackables, and tell a tall tale or two. Upon South Lyon Trekker's suggestion, we went for burgers at the New Hudson Inn -- one of the 19th oldest restaurants in Michigan and definite biker bar. Burgers were good, though; they lined the lower bun with dill pickles and the spicy BBQ sauce had a peppery kick in the end. We watched bowling while sitting in the front window -- it was such a happy crowd.

Last even was South Lyon's CITO at the Milford Car Park. I understand this group of geocachers is the first organization in Michigan to adopt a car park and by gum! We are determined to keep it clean!

Spring Pool Party 2017 GC700JT

I think this CITO was better attended because everyone knew the car park was less work and there's ice cream up the road afterwards.

Nice surprise to get home and see three new souvenirs on my profile: CITO, the 3 Millionth hide (for finders) and the 3 Millionth active hide (for hiders). Looks as if the next souvenir is just another week away.

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