Sunday, April 2, 2017

Everybody's Heard About the Worm...

... worm, worm worm. The worm is the word!


For another year, the wormhole has made it's annual appearance in Southeastern Michigan (and Canada!) yesterday!  21 puzzle geocaches released throughout the day.

What is a "geocaching wormhole"? It's a series of stand-alone puzzles, each including a picture of some sort. When you click the picture, you are navigated to the next puzzle in the series.

Click it! You know you want to!

The theme of these annual puzzles is a local city. I did Novi this year - the image above is the Novi Special water tower off Novi Road. Pretty cool, eh? I took a picture of the tower on a recent trip and then used my favorite image editing site, LunaPic, to color and manipulate it.

Individually, the images look pretty cool, but, together, they didn't quite pull off the Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can effect I was hoping for. Oh, well. I can't wait to see who gets first-to-find!

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