Saturday, April 22, 2017

Donerstag 2017 - Royal Oak

Photo collage by Team Lareau - thank you!

It's souvenir season in the Geocaching world! About a month ago, announced it's latest souvenir!
In 2017, Signal the Frog® traveled to different countries around the world to geocache like a local. His first stop: Germany for Dönerstag! This unique geocaching tradition began in 2007 when German geocachers met at kebab shops around the country all at the same time. To earn a souvenir, attend a Donerstag event on April 13, 2017.
A frog? Kebabs? A new sourvenir? Perfect recipe to host a Donerstag event in Royal Oak. And, lo! Our favorite coney island has a private room, perfect for this group of 'like minded weirdos'!

TaGeez at the registration table

Nice turn out - around 50 cachers including one of the wait staff!

Frito Bandito - Hawaii Vi - PaRaDiZ

Detour - LincolnsAunt - ACLCoordinator

Technology Lesson
In addition to the nifty souvenir, we raffled three eggs filled with gift cards and candy....

... as well as two new event geocaches.

Thank you to everyone for coming out!

Thank you for coming!

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