Sunday, January 21, 2018

Detroit Urban Art

I was back in Eastern Market yesterday. This time with WikidKriket. We were shopping at Devries and photographing murals. Eastern Market is amazing with murals - artists come from all over the world to color these walls!

You have to look down alleys and circle all sides. You never know what you will find. 

We've decided this is a great idea for a new cache series - Detroit Urban Art - and this is our first spot.

We're calling it "To Beat the Band". From the GZ, you can see this mural, a building decorated with mirror mosaics and the fabulous agriculture mural along the Dequindre Cut.

The weather was gorgeous! 40 degrees and sunny on this late January afternoon. To celebrate a successful weekend, we headed to Supino's for pizza....

and then up the road for my daily geocache....

Dukes of Hazzard GC73687
...and ended at a local timey-whimey thing.

I've already submitted our first cache in the series - this should be an excellent way to get our exercise on over the summer!

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  1. I was wondering if the blue police box is part of a geocache and where it is located at.



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