Monday, July 29, 2019

Mystery at the Museum: Case Closed

TA DA! We cracked the case and returned the jewels to the vault!

Of all the challenges has had recently, this one was our favorite! Using filters to find the right caches and planning our strategies (Detective found Day 1, clues grabbed on our way to Holland, gems found around the state campground and the final 35 nabbed during Midwest GeoBash). It gave a little spark completing each stage and made some pretty hum-drum caches a little more interesting. Then to solve the final mystery to unlock the vault - FUN!

Kudos to the developers at for updating the app for this variation on the game. And major kudos to the challenge creators - otherwise, I probably would never have opened the official app again. It appears, over time, they made enough changes to make the app less painful (though I still can't figure out how to attach a trackable to a Found It log!)

Case closed!

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