Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mystery at the Museum: Jewels Recovered

We lost power which really makes it hard to blog. What do you do when you have no power?


We found all 15 of our gems and are now working towards our random 35 caches needed. Geobash here we come!

Ok, this part is not necessarily geocache-related (unless you go to camping events), but we LOVE our new Ryobi fan! Bought at Home Depot, it's powered by a Ryobi battery pack or using an extension cord. It was a definite sanity-saver during our recent power outage.

We have 3 amp batteries, so it ran for about 8 hours (overnight) on low. They also sell 4 and 6 amp batteries, too. Quite durable - it's coming to Bash, too!

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