Tuesday, July 21, 2020

With a double click of our (geocaching) shoes...

Just what the Doctor order, a little bit of weirdness and wackiness in Western Michigan!

Saturday found us in Holland, Michigan, where a tree tried to eat TaGeez's head while the flying monkey egged him on! (Sculptured II Adventure Lab)

While hunting out more lab locations, Scrapcat was finally able to put her feet in the water (this isn't what I meant, TaGeez!)

90+ degrees and baking outside, we decided baking was a good eye. Can't go to Holland and not shop for gadgets in Teerman's!

And then back to the Adventure Labs - great way to experience downtown (and avoid the Muggles, COVID-safe). 

DUDE! Where's your mask? 

Too cool to care!

Aw, this was unexpected but one of my favorite parts of the trip. I started this picnic quilt 20+ years ago. It laid in pieces until March, when we started working from home. We brought it to Holland and then decided on a spontaneous PB&J picnic in Centennial Part. Perfectly built for two!

Speaking of Centennial Park, have you followed the yellow brick road? Leads you from here to the Wizard of Oz bronzes across the road at the public library.

After sanitizing our room (the new Staybridge in Holland is NICE!), we needed a little water fun at Holland State Park.

Plus this GLORIOUS sunset!

The next morning brought us back for another Adventure Lab (Tip Toe Through the Tulips) and Big Red. 

The winds were kicking it!

And the parasurfors were having a blast! I could sit and watch them for hours.

We wrapped our stay in Holland with a puzzle final and visiting an old friend...

Which led us to Saugatuck/Douglas for the Singapore No More Adventure Lab. And, as we're cruising down the road, what do you think we spied? The Douglas Root Beer Barrel! 

TaGeez had a Pepper & Onion hot dog, and I had a Sauerkraut dog. But it was the root beer! Oh, SO smooth! TaGeez downed his large plus half another growler!

Energized, we continued the tour of Douglas/Saugatuck to complete the Adventure Lab. I would've said it was the best one we've done so far, until we hit the undecipherable bonus final.

Saugatuck Art Center

Herbs grown in old gutters

The highlight is seeing the Saugatuck Chain Ferry, which transport passengers across the river between vacation cabins and the bustling downtown shops.
Saugatuck Chain Ferry: The only remaining chain driven ferry in the country. It has been in use since 1838. Three pullies keep it in line as it is being pulled across the Kalamazoo River.
We love to learn new things and were surprised the Kalamazoo River starts in Douglas/Saugatuck and ends in Michigan's Irish Hills! Yes, we're the type to stop and read the plaques!

We ended the adventure with a quick detour down in South Haven for a little caching....

... and a final farewell to Lake Michigan.

What a View GC6PFRV

Just enough wackiness, wonderfulness for us to face the insanity of 2020.  Thank you to the Western Michigan cachers for the very fun Adventure Labs. 

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