Sunday, March 9, 2014

Belle Isle and Boblo Boats

I met my Sister for lunch on Saturday.  And, typcial to us, we ended up taking a miniature adventure. Cruising Detroit, we visited landmarks, waymarks and a sad Virtual.

Guess who showed at National Coney?

Belle Isle Aquarium was PACKED!
Trying out a new Hipstamatic lens/film

I'm used to the Koi outside.  Cool!

Mustaches are in!

Lots of pretty new fish since the last time
After leaving Belle Isle, we stopped at the site of the Cinderella Theater in Detroit.  It's an empty lot under snow and melting ice on East Jefferson.  Then, since we were in the area, I took my sister to Lenox Park to see the riverwalk, the bare platforms that once contained the Civil War Missile radars, and the canals weaving their way from the Detroit River into the Connor Creek neighorhood.

On the way to Lenox Park, you have to pass the
Hare Krishna Cultural Center at the Fischer Mansion
Fischer Mansion - no Hare Krishnas in view

Headed down to Ecorse to see the Boblo Boats,
the SS Ste. Claire and the SS Columbia
The SS Ste Claire was featured in the most recent Transformers movie.  The Columbia was the first and oldest excursion boats of its kind.

Sis took this one - heartbreaking

It was interesting... the Belle Isle Aquarium (a ruin undergoing a rebirth) and the Boblo Boats (a childhood memory ruined).

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