Friday, March 21, 2014

Itching for Spring!

It's mid-40's and gorgeous out! TaGeez and I had the itch to cache again. It's been a long, cold Winter.

This morning I was browsing for our cache-a-day when I came across a math puzzle. It's been about 2.5 decades since College calculus, but I solved it!

Spoke to the CO who said the site was probably muddy, and, since we were heading to one of the most affluent malls afterwards, we decided to skip the find for tonight.

But it was so close... A D/T of 4/2.5. Hmmm... Maybe we'll do a little recon. Once there, maybe we'll just park and plan our return visit. Maybe we'll walk a few hundred feet closer. Over snow the consistently of an Icee. Past thorn bushes.., over logs.

Before we knew it, cache in hand and our names on the log. Great fun!

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