Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maker Madness: We're Not Foolin' Around! GC4ZGTH

Well, I did it!  I'm hosting a Maker Madness event! I wanted to do something a little different as there are several other MM events in the area.  I thought with so much talent in the area we may want some of our local superstars to display their creativity and share their knowledge - make it a true learning experience.

I must admit that I'm a littler nervous, but everyone seems receptive to it!  A number of people have RSVP'd, and TaGeez is hiding some caches for it.  I found a brand-new Panera Restaurant that is perfect for demonstrations and excited to have us!  Grand prize will be some of our favorite cache-making supplies all wrapped up with a bow.  I'm so geeked!


It's the year of the MAKER!

From March 28th through April 7th, Geocachers around the world are gathering to celebrate masterful caches.

Meet some of our most skilled craftsmen and local creative thinkers to see unique containers, discuss planning hides, and creating cache pages. On hand will be:

Commander Overlord - With over 300 caches hidden, Commander Overlord excels at creative puzzles and finding that perfect hide spot. He has agreed to talk about his creative process and answer questions for new hiders. (Note: Availability is subject to change due to work commitments)

Puzzler26 - Puzzler26's 25 caches in the Presidential Series have garnered almost 790 Favorite points! Puzzler26 has been working all Winter on new containers & locations, and he's offered to display a few of his creations for us!

DougPeterson - DougPeterson has several excellent series including the I-275 Bike trail, Hines Drive Connectors and the Crazy Eights Series. Doug's discussion may include: planning for a series, selecting weather-proof containers, and maintaining a series of caches.

This is an excellent event for new and seasoned cachers! Get your questions answered, be inspired for Spring, and, please, throw in your own 2 cents! We are our best resource!

Join us from 7-9pm at the new Panera of Southfield at 28681 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI:

7:00 pm - Social time
7:30 pm - demonstrations and Q&A
8:30 pm - drawing for prizes

As part of the Groundspeak's Maker Madness celebration, attendees of registered Maker Madness events will earn a Maker Madness souvenir and a certificate of completion!


Maker Madness Certificate

BONUS: Every attendee will be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize. Must be present to win.


I just went on the Groundspeak website and we're all registered, too!

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