Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Missouri Run - a Family Adventure

You know when you haven't heard from me in awhile it's because we're off on an adventure!

Just returned from Missouri with WikidKriket and PopLob for my niece's wedding.  Do you know what they have in Missouri besides my niece, Jack Stack's BBQ and an awful lot of humidity?  GEOCACHES!

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from our adventure!


What?  We are driving by a Virtual with 600 favorite points?!?! I've been trying to stop here for almost 20 years - this time we made it! Well.. sort of. Unfortunately, a swarm of happy baseball fans and plaza construction kept us from touching our goal! Kriket and I decided we're stopping again next year!

My first Missouri cache!
New souvenir
Hey, my brother's house is just up the road from one of the oldest active caches in the world?  Ok, we'll stop! Wonderful visit rushed by dark, stormy skies. 

This oldie is mere miles from my brother's house!

Keeper of the Watts Mill cache
 And Kansas is just 2/10ths of a mile from Watts Mill?  I smell a new souvenir! And a cemetery to boot!

1840 Shawnee Indian Cemetery Virtual GCA555
Our first Kansas cache!
New souvenir #2! 

Family rule: Must stop for all interesting roadside attractions
Bas-Relief at Pioneer Crossing Park, Shawnee
Another Kansas cache - GC2BDZH
 Nothing better to top off a day of adventure than meeting the family at Union Station in Kansas City.  Pictures under the clock, lunch at Harvey's, candy from the sweet shop and virtual outside!

Lunch at Union Station - Kansas City
Epicenter of many Virtual stops
PopLob and WikidKriket waiting under the clock at
Union Station - Kansas City
A Drip off the Old Bloch Virtual GC5C66
Outside Union Station
 Yes, the family was up for an adventure so they didn't mind that we swung up through the "City of North Kansas City" to Northmoor and a certain castle tower.  This cache was one of's "Geocaches of the Week"!  Big, big kudos to WikidKriket and Mike-the-Mechanic for ascending the tower stairs!

Castle Northmoor GCX612

Kriket and Mike-the-Mechanic atop the Northmoor tower
Kauffman Memorial Gardens is listed as one of the top destinations in Kansas City.  Kriket and I stopped to smell the flowers on our way to our niece's wedding.  We posed for pictures in our wedding best and kept clean while grabbing this virtual as my cache-a-day.

Play Ball!! (with Honor) Virtual GC1774
Kauffman Memorial Gardens - on the way to the wedding

All pictures were taken with an iPhone 5.  Not bad, eh?

Kauffman Gardens even had a resident
Keeper of the Cache! He was napping!
Kriket and scrapcat in our wedding best
 We reserved this special Virtual as the cache-a-day for the trip home.  Beautiful weather and so peaceful even though it's situated right next to I-70.

Firefighter's Memorial GCEBC8
And, of course, being the proud aunt I am... I have to share a picture of the beautiful bride and handsome groom!

Mr. and Mrs. Petrucci


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  1. Goodness, Elisa, How many states have you been through in the last month? Wow.

    And really, is there anything better than a road trip? Larui


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