Saturday, May 30, 2015

Smart Phone / Hidden Text Puzzle Tip

BSW2010 showed me a nifty trick.  He asked several of us why we hadn't solved one of his new puzzles (FTF was waiting!).  In answer to our "we think it's white text on the cache page and we can't solve it via smart phone", he said we were wrong.  There's any easy fix for this.

Today, while TaGeez and I were at a puzzle 'final', we found a container with a note stating the 'puzzle' on the cache page was a red herring and the true final was hidden somewhere else on the page.  Harrumph!  In the past I would've driven home to solve it on my desktop, but home was 15 miles away.  So I tried BSW's trick....

Go to the cache page where the suspected "hidden text" is located and copy all the text.

Then open up a blank email or your notepad or Evernote and paste the text.  When you copy/paste from a webpage to a word document, hidden or "white" text pastes as black text (see below). It worked!  We were able to plug in the "new final" and make the find!

And, oh... if you were wondering about BSW's puzzle.... it wasn't hidden text after all. The brat led us onto another wild goose chase!


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