Saturday, May 2, 2015

Projecting Good Puzzle Vibes!

Projection puzzles were hard for me when I started geocaching. Probably because the first ones attempted were Rattrak's, where you had to project over 1,000 ft but my GPSr unit could only do up to 1,000 feet.

Being a "tool girl" (and someone who more often caches using my phone versus a GPSr), I found several alternative solve methods that saved my sanity. I use them depending on which I have immediate access to.

GeoSphere - In my IOS app, I can Edit > Edit Options > Edit Location to access the coordinates. If you click the sprocket, one of your options is Project Location. TaGeez uses the GCC Calculator for Android.

* If I'm at a computer, I use GSAK. Click the Waypoint menu option and select Project. You can find further instructions in this forum post

* Finally, if neither is available to me for some reason, there is the Coordinate Projection tool found at the Geocaching Toolbox.

In any method, it has taken the anxiety out of projections and opened up another puzzle type for me. Need proof? This morning TaGeez and I shared FTF on the new Puzzle Solving 101 - Projections cache at 6:38 am! Dressed in pajamas, flip flops and a raincoat, we solved and then found it while half asleep!

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