Sunday, May 17, 2015

GJJ: Detroit to Knoxville

Our first day took us from Detroit to Knoxville, TN.  Along they way, on a whim, we stopped off in the Newport/Covington area of Kentucky.  What a wonderful little town on the river.  We saw factories converted into breweries and little outdoor eateries intermingled in the neighborhoods.  Definitely worth a trip back.

Our first Kentucky cache was the Virtual "Newport KY" World Peace Bell GC653C.  Another example of the fascinating places geocaching takes you.

It was a nice plaza that contained a Visitor Center, a 911 Memorial, a firefighter memorial and a traditional geocache.

This was too sweet to pass up so we decided to hang around longer than intended. Right around the corner was a historic courthouse and a trail of traditional caches so we moseyed along, reading markers.  Eventually we made it to the riverfront and Riverboat Row.

Ohio skyline viewed from Kentucky
 See the riverboats behind TaGeez?  And the bridge?  This bridge was one of several that connected Ohio and Kentucky at this point - each one a different color and style.

TaGeez signing the log. We also completed a nice Earth Cache here:
Confluence of Ohio and Licking Rivers GC1YGC4

AFK to Riverfront of Newport KY GC4PZEZ

One of the many beautiful bridges, leading to Ohio

Mutter Gottes Little Free Library GC55RKP
One of 2 caches found in the little libraries on our journey
Finally, however, the sun started to set and we had a few miles to go before our first of four webcams on the trip. No good posing for a webcam if you can't see us.  Unfortunately, only the last webcam work so we practiced a lot of selfies on this trip!  This one was taken using my mini-Gorilla tripod resting on the trunk of the car.

Weather or Not Webcam GCG52C

After the webcam, darkness arrived quickly.  We did have a chance to glimpse some amazing gates leading up to some immense houses along this Kentucky road.  You can tell by the names of the roads and highways that we were in horse country.

Next time: Knoxville to Atlanta.  The Yankees have arrived!

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