Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heartbroken in my GeoSphere World!

Any GeoSphere users here?

I'm a GeoSphere (iPhone geocaching app) fanatic. I really think this app is a major factor in my 3-year cache-a-day streak. Imagine my heartbreak when I tried to upload logs two nights ago and started getting intermittent "connection error" messages.

When I clicked on my Online Profile, my stats weren't updating. I unlinked from Groundspeak and re-authenticated. I uninstalled the app and re-installed. Now my profile information is completely blank! Anytime I try to update, more connection errors (left image)! No quick access to my Lists or Pocket Queries - ugh!

And if I try to use the Caches Online feature (right image), I get a new message! "A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 users are allowed for the NotFoundByUser filter". No caching on the fly!

Keep in mind I've tried this on my own wifi, work wifi and using cellular data.

I checked the GeoSphere forums. The developer isn't active and hasn't released an update in a year and a half. Apparently, this is a known issue since 2013! Most of the forum posts say they think it's an API connectivity issue with Groundspeak and nobody has a solution. Some have come back and said it's working now.

Not me.

My iPhone 5 running IOS 8.3 and GeoSphere 3.2 is broken. It's like a punch in my geocaching gut. 

UPDATE: Good news!  It's working again! After several days of repeated attempts, voila!  Went on the Forum and found I wasn't alone so we think it had to do with recent Groundspeak API changes.  Relief! In the meantime, I tested several other iPhone geocaching apps.... brrrrr!

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