Sunday, August 30, 2015

Find Bad Logs

Here is a useful tool found on It's particularly useful if your # of finds is more than the # of unique caches (You have 6000 finds on 5998 Unique Caches).  It's a good way to clean up "bad logs" that can skew your stats and milestones.

Enter your Geocaching name in the Profile Name field and click Filter. It spits back three sets of results: duplicate logs on your caches, your duplicate logs, and your logs on your own caches. If you click the GC code, a new window will open displaying the "bad log" for deleting.

I think one feature should add is a Reason field. When I deleted the duplicate logs on my caches today (left column), the original loggers were notified their logs were deleted but not why. That would've saved some time when I started receiving messages this afternoon.

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