Friday, August 14, 2015

JING: Finding Cache Types in a State

There’s a new free tool called JING being used around the office.  It allows you to record navigation on the computer for sharing.  As I do Instructional Design for a living and am certified in several professional video-capture training tools, I thought it was worth a go.  Hey, it’s free.  Why not?

For my practice, I decided the new search tool might be a fun topic.  One common request on the Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Group FB page is, “I’m traveling across state.  How to I view all the events in a state?  Am I limited to the new 30 mile radius?”

And, for me personally, where are all the remaining Virtuals and webcams in my path? 

Yes, I know I can do some of this trickery using pocket queries.  I can also use or the GSAK Google macro.  But when you’re settled in for the night and want to plan a quick adventure, the new search tool is pretty painless.

So, on this late Friday afternoon, I decided to take JING for a spin around the website and share it with you.  No sound yet – I’ll have to play with it next time.

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