Sunday, August 9, 2015

Midwest Geobash 2015: Superheroes II

Too much fun at Midwest GeoBash 2015 to pack it into one post!

DAY 3 - Treasure Hunt and Closing Ceremonies

Saturday was such a silly day, starting with the annual family picture, then horsing around at the show ring for the Treasure Hunt.  Signal, the Original Can of Beans and fun in the photo booth.  After the closing ceremonies was more bonfires, SnakeyLicks grilled Philly Cheesesteaks, grabbing the last of the fairground caches, and a pretty amazing storm to lull us to sleep.

WikidKriket, SnakelyLicks, TaGeez, scrapcat and 3inaTree
Caching Fire came out to meet all his friends on the way to the annual Treasure Hunt.  What a hoot! To see a rogue's gallery of all this new friends, check out his MWGB log!

Caching Fire with YellowJeeperman

Caching Fire with Bobo, BSW, KathieH and Detrur
So, what is the Treasure Hunt?  Dole out $5 for a ticket to the event - every ticket a winner!  In this horse ring, use a metal detector to find a commemorative trackable plus a chance to win a GPSr.  We never miss it.

Free Range Lobsters loose on the Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Trackable
To ward off the summer heat, we loaded into the cars and caravaned to some of the former Poker Run sites: The Brown Bag, Turkeyfoot Creamery (for the amazing goat cheese including the Garlic Chevre), and (eventually) Homestead Ice Cream.  Lunch was from Outlaw BBQ's food truck and then onto shenanigans in the Spangler arena. 

scrapcat with Signal the Frog, the Original Can of Beans (O.C.B.)
and Wikid Kriket (of Team Free Range Lobsters)

A couple that plays dress-up together....

3inaTree and friends
Auto City Cachers are a hoot!

Team Gates, Alona Spiegal and theGrundalows
I hang out with some weird people.

DAY 4 - Time to go home

"The party doesn't have to end, but you have to go home."

Sunday dawned much cooler after the evening's storms.  Fabulous that the humidity was at bay - not so fabulous that we had to pack wet camping gear.  We won't mention the surfacing of more inexplicable car problems, but, really.... the dang thing is only 2.5 years old! (sigh)

Not to let it ruin our trip, we decided we had to detour to one more special cache.  Ever drank water out of an Artesian Aquifer?

Artesian Aquifer GC1057N
This is a really cool Earth Cache just north of the Fairgrounds.  We all had a sip and a wash-up!
You may have heard of an Artesian Well before but never saw one or know how they work. This EarthCache will not only show you one, it will allow you to drink or bathe from one if you wish. When I placed it some local people came to fill containers. They told me that many people have been getting water here since at least 1936 and that the water only stopped flowing twice.
A pretty cool way to finish a fantastic trip!

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  1. You have more silly fun than anyone I know! It's just wonderful.


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