Thursday, October 15, 2015

Big is Beautiful!

Ye of little faith or creativity....

I've been hearing a lot of bemoaning lately on podcasts or within the forum of the 'micro' trend. "All people do is hide micros and film canisters!".  They whine because people no longer hide larges with excuses like "you can't hide larges in a city" or "there's no room because there are so many caches out there".

And with that... I chuckle.  Above is a map of all the larges within the Metro Detroit area (it doesn't get any more urban than that!).  Within a 10 mile radius of my house are over 2,300 caches (packed, I tell you!)! And look how many larges there are!  

IT CAN BE DONE! Just ask my Sweetie.  Although he's not the hider of all, a great many of these were hidden by TaGeez.  That man has talent. 

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  1. The micro trend isn't much of an issue if you're taken somewhere interesting. All our caches are micros, but we never put one out unless the location is of some interest. Often these places are of historical interest and don't lend themselves to a large cache, this is where the micro comes in to its own.

    It would be interesting to see some tips on the creative ways to hide larger caches in urban areas.


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