Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tool Tip: JOBY Grip Tight Gorilla Smarthphone Tripod

Ah! Those amazing adventures! So much to see! So much to share! So much to remember!

"Rusty" - Baker College, Dearborn, MI

So let's talk about another tool to add to your pack.

TaGeez and I had quite the summer to remember.  Michigan > Ohio > Kentucky > Tennessee > Alabama > Georgia > South Carolina > North Carolina > Virginia > West Virginia.  Let's not forget Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  And Traverse City! We were really blessed this year.

And, luckily, we have the photographs to remember it all by. Whether it's a geo-journey or a qualifying picture in front of an Earth Cache, add this fellow (or one like it) to your pack:

JOBY Grip Tight Gorilla Smartphone Tripod

The Gorilla tripod (no affiliation - just a happy customer) is small, lightweight, and flexible. Measuring about 8", it's easy to transport and easy to setup.  The grip tight clip will hold any size smartphone and can be used standing or wrapped around an object (sign post, tree branch, historical marker).

Expands to hold any size smartphone.
Note the timer above...4...3...2..1..

Set it up, set the timer, and mosey into position. They are relatively cheap, and ours has been manhandled with no ill-effect over the last year.

Hawk Wood Conglomerate GC2QRMY
Some of our best pictures have been taking with this little gem resting on the hood of my car!

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