Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cruising Outer Drive! Series Finale

We did it! 13 months from start to finish! TaGeez and I finished the 208 cache Outer Drive series yesterday.

208 geocaches spanning 40 miles around Deroit
Placed by RayQix and N8DXG in 2012, this power trail follows Detroit's famed Outer Drive.

Outer Drive is a bypass road which encircles both the eastern and western portions of the Metro Detroit area. It resembles a jagged horseshoe and was not originally intended to move traffic as much as to provide a pleasurable drive around Detroit.

Sept 8, 2014
TaGeez and I decided that finding all 200+ caches in a day/weekend wasn’t for us. We wanted a chance to explore the historic Outer Drive at our leisure so we would go out on a Friday evening or Sunday morning to grab 15-25 at a time. We did the entire 40+ mile span over 13 months.

It was fascinating that, mile-by-mile, you could see the changes in the neighborhoods. Some highly tended and some forgotten. We crossed paths with several colorful characters and neighbors coming out the help (“You looking for that thingy? Wrong tree! Those others found it at that one.”) In addition to some grand, old architecture, we saw some heartbreaking sites but never found ourselves in an unsafe situation.

October 25, 2015
After completing the 207 traditionals, we compiled the clues to find the final, SQ - ODS - Outer Drive Series Challenge.

October 26, 2015
seen at the final
Yesterday, surrounded by some of the most amazing Fall foliage, we earned one last smiley, capping off a fun year of cache runs.


  1. Where the heck was that big dog and what was it about? I have been on many parts of Outer Drive, but never realized it circled the city. Loved your burning maple picture. Here in SLC, our falls are golden with very little blazing oranges and reds. I miss that!

  2. And . . . that is a hell of a lot of caches! Hmm. Is the road to Hell paved with caches?


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