Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Piece of The Revenant Comes to Michigan

Two weeks ago announced The Revenant was storming the geocaching world! They are sending out 20 props from the movies as trackables!

Big announcement on the blog!

I shouted to all and asunder SHOW DETROIT SOME LOVE! SEND ONE THIS WAY! Little did I know that one of the trackables, a Revenant shield, had quietly crossed the border and was nestled safely in the BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center in Niles, Michigan!

A trip to Niles was in store....

Once we heard one of these elusive trackables was in Michigan, plans for a road trip filled Facebook! This is like a current day "Ape Cache" - a piece of Hollywood stepping into the geo-world - and we wanted to see it before they disappeared forever.

Last Saturday, MaxB on the River, owner of BIG Orange, dropped the trackable at a local event in Volinia, Michigan (a mere 149 miles from home). Road trip! Into the car and heading west on the adventure were myself, TaGeez, RayQix, PaRaDiZ, and Kachehuntr!

We're going to see it!

Or maybe not.

Imagine our shock and wonderment when we pulled into the park and NOBODY WAS THERE! A 3 hour road trip and we missed it? Did I really have the time wrong? CRAP!!! And no internet to contact MaxB or the event CO because we were in the middle of nowhere!

So, what do you do? Well, geocache! Virtuals, Large caches, and oldies! Views of beautiful dams, railroad bridges, lakes and small town centers.

RayQix and Kachehuntr

Much to our joy MaxB messaged us to say they were home and had the trackable in hand. Off to Niles we head! What a trifecta! A Large travel bug hotel, a piece of movie magic (trackable) and meeting MaxB on the River! What a lovely couple! They told us the tale of bringing the prop to Michigan and their vow of silence until's announcement was made. Fun! Fun!

Check it out!

RayQix, Kachehuntr, PaRaDiZ, scrapcat, and TaGeez
in front of the iconic MaxB travel post!

TaGeez with the trackable

MaxB on the river displaying the trackable prop
Up close, it looks like road kill - LOL

Afterwards with the evening ahead of us, we visited more Virtuals, Large travel bug containers with a side trip to Indiana to (re-)visit an oldie!

A Weep in the Nite! GC96A4
Read the story on this one!


Wolverine Wildlife Adventures and Travel Bug Hotel GCKADW

The best part was driving through these lovely small towns along US12 enjoying the Christmas decorations with good friends. BEST way to spend a Saturday night in December!

Life is too short not to enjoy an adventure at the drop of the hat! Happy caching!


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  1. I agree....this one was such a blast going with good friends and yes, "at the drop of a hat" :) We need to do that more often! :)


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