Monday, December 7, 2015

Michigan TB Hotels: Big is Beautiful

TaGeez and I had a fabulous Saturday exploring western Michigan with RayQix, PaRaDiz and Kachehuntr. High point was knocking off some of the fabulous Large travel bug hotels along US 12 (Michigan Avenue). Is there anything more exciting than a large geocache out in the open????



The first stop on Saturday was BIG Orange! This granddaddy of a TB hotel is located in Niles, Michigan (near the Indiana border). Thank you, MaxB on the River for your warm welcome.

Big Orange Travel Bug Convention Center GCK8ZV

Heading east towards Sturgis you can't pass up this beauty outside a concrete company! We eventually let TaGeez out... he was hoarding the travel bugs.


And onto Brooklyn where we found this hotel packed with dozens of travel bugs! That explains where they all disappear to!

PaRaDiz and TaGeez spotlighlighting
GeoPig's Bug Spa 2 GC4Z1C5

That was a fabulous trip, but when you talk travel bug hotels in Michigan you can't skip the most famous one, A Crappy Cache, just outside Kalamazoo. Not kidding - there is so much to read and do in there!

WikidKriket enjoying the log book at
A Crappy Cache GC35T4T

If you head further North, you will find this gem on Old Mission Peninsula outside Traverse City....

Old Mission Inn and Out GC14RW0

... after passing this fun one on the way.  Not only was it highly organized, but it had a very tricky lock mechanism to gain access.

US127/I-75 4-Mile Road Exit TB Hotel & Spa GC4EGN4

US127/I-75 4-Mile Road Exit TB Hotel & Spa GC4EGN4

On the east side of the mitten you will find JLieb's pride and joy sitting in a community garden.

What's Bigger Than a Large? (TB Hotel) GC4M0ME

And heading west after driving through the upper peninsula is a darling hotel in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Ok, I know it's not Michigan, but this was so well crafted. The sliding drawer is on casters and glides out so easily. There was a lot of love here!

Mom's TB Hotel GC3TWMZ (Wisconsin)

But I have to admit my new personal favorite is practically in my backyard. Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel GC66YFH is 2 miles from my house.  Hidden by two relatively new cachers (sisters-in-law), TaGeez and I had the pleasure of claiming First-to-Find on it.

Sisters Inn (Law) TB Hotel GC66YFH

Both the exterior and interior were class pieces of work.

Keys for each room in the Hotel

Each room handpainted and ready for occupation

Close-up view of the lobby

Now this doesn't cover all the fabulous trackable hotels in Michigan (like Gone Fishing TB Rest Stop GC55A66 or I-275/M14/I96 Detroit's Rough TB Prison GC180W5). But these are some of my personal favorites. If you make it to Michigan, add them to your bucket list!

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