Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mother of All Headaches!

So, here I am perusing Facebook, minding my own (and everyone else's) business, when PaRaDiZ asked, "Anyone solve this yet?"

Now, my ears popped up because I'm a puzzle lover. Sure.  I'll look at it.


For one blue squiggly in Columbus, Ohio, you must solve 50 individual puzzles!  Not puzzle caches, earning smilies along the way.... but 50 puzzles PRIOR to looking for the cache! And many people don't make it past the initial screen!

Mother of All Puzzles GC2153M by Lttldude9 was released in December 2009. It currently has 42 Favorite points, 86 Finds, and 323 posted notes (they encourage you to post your status on the page). TaGeez and I sat down Thanksgiving Eve, and, after working diligently for a week, are stuck on Level 15. Dang Delivery Routes.

So far this puzzle (no spoilers) has to do with navigating web pages, Google searches, Morse Code and just following instructions.  Some fly by breezily and some have taken great noodle work. Level 8 was brilliant!

Best advice to you if you undertake this treacherous journey:
  • Fun to do as a team. Luckily TaGeez and I don't think alike so what's difficult for one has been easy for the other.
  • You can stop and pick it up at any time. It's built to revisit it over and over again.
  • Keep track of each level and their solve (Evernote works brilliantly for this) because you need the prior solution to move to the next level and tracking your solves may inspire you in future levels. You may also want to track your solve methods to use these techniques in puzzles you publish yourself. 
  • Google is your friend!
  • These puzzles are not mobile friendly. We were unable to do them on our phones or iPad.

Even if you don't get through all 50 levels (according to the forums, many don't) you will pick up some valuable puzzle tricks along the way.

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