Sunday, March 13, 2016

50 Shades of Ultraviolet

What a hoot! Team Gates decided he and his crew were heading north to experience this new(er) night cache in mid-Michigan (up I-75 at a rest stop near Clio). Being a beautiful day and this cache is on our bucket list, TaGeez and I joined them for some night time fun!

One of the fun stages
We finally get to use our UV flashlights!

As night fell, our crew headed out to the woods: scrapcat, TaGeez, Team Gates, Alona Spiegal, BSW2010, HelloLola, RayQix, PaRaDiZ, Kachhunter, and Team LTO. It was hard to act nonchalant as these flashlight-wielding weirdos moseyed into the woods hollering "Branch!" "Log!" "Bug!" I'm sure it caused a bit of confusion for the patrons of the nearby bathroom establishment.

Not giving anything away, but it was a fun adventure with several stages. We were victorious! Afterwards, we headed to Birch Run to visit 1/2 of the dynamic Yellowjeeperman duo! 
Awesome fun!

scrapcat, Mrs. Yellowjeeperman, and TaGeez
If you ever find yourself heading up to Traverse City or Mackinac Island or maybe moseying down to the Detroit area, stop in for a half hour of fun! But don't forget to bring your TOTTs!

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