Saturday, March 19, 2016

Michigan Geomarbling

WOW! If you thought geocaching was getting a little bit boring lately (suffering the winter blahs, grids are filled and no new challenges), a 'public art project' in Grand Rapids, Michigan has added a fun twist to geolocation gaming!

The Michigan Geomarbling project combines the love of the geo-hunt and glassblowing! From their page: 
Michigan GeoMarbling is a project started by Grand Rapids glass artist Nigel Morford (MPXGlass) who was inspired by Esferas Perdidas -- or "Lost Spheres" -- and GeoMarbling out of Oklahoma.
Our group was formed in the image of Esferas Perdidas, for local glass workers to introduce people to their works by hiding select pieces in and around Grand Rapids, and then posting clues with photos, so that group members might seek them out. Their group has become so popular that they play hide and seek with their art. So, basically, it's an interactive scavenger hunt for decorative glass objects .. mostly marbles but some cool surprises, too!
You can download the rules from the Facebook page, but, in short, hand-blown glass marbles will be hidden around the Grand Rapids area. Then, a post entitled LOST will appear on the Facebook page. Participants will need to decipher clues to find the marbles. How fun is this?

Nigel announced the first release will happen today. 

We love "bright and shines" - All 1" or bigger

I'm following the Facebook group and can't wait to see the fun. I hope the "finders" post their pictures! I've shared this page with several of the local geocaching groups. Who knows where this could lead? Maybe it'll inspire other groups to do something similar. 

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