Sunday, April 17, 2016

If you trash it, we will come - CITO 2016

After a long and stressful beginning of April, the weather in Michigan is a glorious 70 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather to head over to Dearborn's Patton Park for a CITO.

CITO 2016 Souvenir
Hosted by CITOcacher and SCOOK, local Southeastern Michigan geocachers joined members of The Greening of Detroit to pickup this popular park. I must admit I have a spot in my heart for this park as I planted trees here during my Volunteer Day with Greening - and they are thriving!

Why so serious, TaGeez? This is fun!

You can find beauty if you look

Maisie, a member of Golddogs, is an amazing cache sniffer

Two of my favorite fellows
TaGeez and Frito Bandito

This was just the beginning. This pile grew!

Thank you, CITOcacher, for my sweet reward.
Celebrating my 1500 CAD streak!

Afterwards, a well-deserved and delicious dinner at Tanqueria MI Pueblo
Dinner took longer than the CITO event

Had to share. I felt like I was being watched

Now THIS is how to recycle!
I must admit I'm feeling revived, volunteering and enjoying the sun. It's been a long, drab winter.

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  1. I am drooling over that huge bowling pin. I want it in my yard! I like the rim man, too.


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