Friday, April 1, 2016

Surrounded by Wormholes!

What a hoot! The geocachers of Southeastern Michigan decided to have a little fun with our fellow cachers. For April Fool's Day 2016 we released the third installment of the infamous 'wormhole series'!

What's a wormhole? It's a geocache puzzle series. Click on the cache page image and you will navigate to the next puzzle in line. Team Gates lined up around 15 geocachers from the lower mitten (plus one Canadian thrown into the mix for good measure).

Click it! You've been wormholed!

This one's mine: Ferndale Wormhole 2016 GC6CKP6. Wanna hear the funny part? I've been waiting for months for this series to release only to discover another cacher created her cache page the exact same day as mine and her solve it identical. What are the chances? I guess 2 in 15.

No April Fools joke here!

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