Friday, April 8, 2016

Talk About Taking Geocaching to the Next Level!

I read a fascinating article put out by Smithsonian Magazine called Cemeteries of the Future.  The premise is, with space limited and times changing, "Do you want to be buried in a coral reef, a skyscraper, or on an artificial island?

Imagine my surprise when I reached to end to read:
As “green” or “natural” burials, where bodies are buried in fields or other natural settings without being chemically embalmed, become more popular, the question remains: how will loved ones be able to visit the deceased, in the absence of a headstone. Several cities and cemeteries have come up with a potential solution: GPS. The deceased would be buried with a GPS unit, and families would be given a tracker to “find” them when they came to visit. 

Talk about taking geocaching to the next level! Imagine instead of finding Tupperware you're out searching for a loved one? I won't even make a joke about swapping swag.

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