Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission GC Souvenir 2

Earlier this week Premium members received their emails that GC Mission #2 was upon us!

With great excitement we opened the puzzle and OH MY! Now, I've done these before, but, if you get a chance, print this out and give it a go. I will admit I guessed the "code word" based on the first few letters and the last one. TaGeez solved the whole thing.  Plugging in the code word into the official site, our mission file opened. 

Find one Multicache on August 13th or 14th for the next Mission GC souvenir.

The tag line is One Cache is Not Enough. TaGeez and I proved it true. We found a Multicache at the Crosswinds event (see tomorrow's post), but it still hasn't published. So, even though we know it will count when it does, we went out for a second one today. 

Ready for our next mission!

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