Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Weekend: Smitten with the Mitten

Sunday arrived and ShelleyJean was in the mood for an adventure. TaGeez and I understood - we had the same itch the day before. Well, what do you want to do? She was in the mood to be Smitten with the Mitten!

This series was just published this weekend - find 14 geocaches to gather clues for #15 the Final. The series included Traditionals Multis, a Letterbox, and the Puzzle Final. This was an excellent excuse to geocache Grand Rapids - both ShelleyJean and TaGeez needed it for their maps.

Simply an amazing day with wildflowers, sunshine and white-tailed deer. There were also brambles, poison ivy, mosquitoes and possibly ticks. 

SwtM - Ishpenning G7346Q

Midway through we did make a slight detour - you can't pass up a Virtual and a webcam. School Spirit is one of three remaining webcams in Michigan. Go Green!

Scrapcat, TaGeez and ShelleyJean
School Spirit GCK2M9

After lunch at Smokey Bones (yum! Loaded potatoes with pulled pork!), we returned to a progressively tougher terrain.

We apparently took the long way....

Can you see the road we walked in on? It's that one... the dot... in the far, far distance!

According to ShelleyJean, we walked over 20,000 steps and climbed the equivalent of 58 flights of stairs! OUCH! I almost fell over in Tai Chi class two days later.

SwtM - South Haven GC7346W


We looked hot and exhausted and VICTORIOUS!
TaGeez, Scrapcat, and ShelleyJean

Tired, sweaty, and satisfied, we turned the car East but not without grabbing two more special geocaches.

The JASMER Challenge (Michigan Edition)

Both meant a great deal to us, and the TB Hotel deservedly earned it's 140+ Favorite Points. We even met one of the cache owners on our way out - she has a trackable code inscribed in her dental work!

Garden View TB Hotel GC3NEX3

And here it is! We received our path tags today from Brettina! Another trail with a successful conclusion!

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