Sunday, June 11, 2017


DRAT! I can't believe we missed CITOcacher's flash mob yesterday. It's 91 degrees out, and she was serving ice cream!

I've mentioned CITOcacher and SCOOK in the past. One of my favorite memories is SCOOK emerging from some shrubbery with a big grin on his face for his geocache find, and CITOcacher right behind him overloaded in overflowing CITO bags. She likes to CITO... ALOT.

At their last CITO (Cache In Trash Out), SCOOK gave me this really great CITO kit!

The kit included:

Log Book with recycled paper
CITO pins, pens and pencils
Diabetes Test Strip container (for bags or use as a geocache)
Tempo tissues (European tissues like tough paper towels)
Folded grocery bags for spontaneous CITOing

We already used the Tempo, bags and Wet Ones -- we did maintenance on a pretty gross container in a swamp, but the kit been replenished and returned to the glove compartment.  My only addition was a small packet of Band-aids -- TaGeez gets hurt... ALOT!

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