Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RIP Othum


We lost a very dear friend today. Steve Elsbrie (AKA Othum), lost his battle with cancer. 

Whether you were the fifth or five thousandth newbie to cross his path, this friendly Canadian always had a funny story to tell... on and on and on....

Steve was always surrounded by friends because he was down-to-Earth and very welcoming. Seeing him in his golf cart at GeoBash or across the New Year's Eve table at Frito, he always had a smile and another funny story or tall tale to share. Sometimes he would be so pleased with the upcoming punchline he would trip over his own smile. Even in a rant, he made you laugh as he looked on with that gleeful gleam in his eye.

As usual, surrounded by friends (Essex event)
The only one looking at the camera - far right

Steve was in the throws of his battle with cancer at the MIGO Winter Social in Lansing in February. It's a testament to his life that so many people lined up to share their love with him.

With his trademark hat and a smile!

He was able to make it to one last Belle Isle event this year when we had two Steve's manning the grill -- one with a broken leg and another in a wheelchair. I wonder which one was sharing a taller tale and a larger smile?

Cancer sucks, but Steve didn't let it get him down. I'm going to miss you, my friend.

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