Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Souvenirs are Shiny Ornaments on our Geocaching Tree

WOW! That's a little eye-opening! I'm a cliche!

I had a good laugh when I earned the Trackable Lover souvenir for December. It resembles so many trackable lovers I know!

This is not the only souvenir earned this month. Geocaching.com surprised millions of geocachers in December when it awarded five new country souvenirs including THE UNITED STATES! It makes total sense, though. How many geocachers visit from overseas annually? Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of the actual souvenir, but one more closer to some challenges.

This will not be our last chance to earn souvenirs this year. They announced the Last/New Year souvenirs in December, too.

Earning the souvenirs is easy: 
  • Find a geocache or attend an event on December 31 to earn the Thanks 2018 souvenir
  • Find a geocache or attend an event on January 1 to earn the Hello 2019 souvenir.
Luckily, TaGeez and I will have no problem earning these souvenirs with Frito Bandito's Last Day of a Great 2018 event and gsix5666's HNY19 - 10th Annual New Year's Day M&G. It's in the bag!

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