Tuesday, March 26, 2019

London Abbey Road Webcam Adventure

What a hoot!

I was scrolling through Facebook, waiting on my significant other, when I saw a posting on the You Might Be a Geocacher If…. (YMBAGI) site to piqued my interest and got my inquisitive mind going!

Another Cacher was about to land at Heathrow Airport, and she doesn't have a data plan for the UK. She was heading to the London – Beatles Abbey Road webcamonce she landed, went through customs, and picked up her rental car. Could someone on YMBAGI watch for her and snap her picture? WOW! 1532 Favorite points for that webcam!

How fun! Cachers from all over the world were watching and posting updates – New Zealand, South Australia, Germany, Canada…. With every refresh of the screen, "Is this her?" Almost an hour after her expected arrival, there she was AND I WAS THE FIRST TO SNAP HER AND POST IT!  She's sending me an unactivated geocoin as a reward – woot! She mentioned the community effort in her log.

Rumor has it they may reactivate webcam caches like they did Virtual Rewards – fingers crossed!

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