Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm a Space Cadet!

Attended the Livonia Space Traveling Meet GC4PQB3 last night with several dozen of my friends.  We were celebrating Geocacher/Astronaut AstroRM blasting off into space!  (I wrote about it here). AstroRM is only the second Geocacher into space (the first hid a geocache on the International Space Station and AstroRM will get the first official First-to-Find!  There are over 4600 geocachers watching this!) 

AstroRM is also carrying a special geocaching trackable with him, and, when he returns, he will give it to his former elementary school in Connecticut. In the meantime, he’s using both his time as an astronaut and his connections with geocaching to teach the local kids about geography.

The latest addition to our caching group: PaRaDiZ and RayQix brought Kaiden Hunter with them!

And Mibb’s Offical Photo:

There’s another event tonight.  For attending a “Space” event, we each get a virtual souvenir for our profiles. And there are events ALL OVER THE WORLD celebrating this milestone!

I think this shows that, no matter where you are, it’s a small world!

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