Saturday, November 2, 2013

Geo-Phobia and Zoo Winner

Out grabbing my cache-a-day, when I stopped for the Geo-Phobia: Trypophobia GC4FV7N pictured here. It's the fear of holes and was at this really cool abandoned cottage. Team Rumble finds the neatest hiding spots!

Afterwards, as I was treating myself to coneys at National Coney Island, I got a great email from SnowBird2. SnowBird2 hides a set of caches at the Detroit Zoo each year. As I had completed the series this year I had been entered into a drawing AND WON! A family day pass! Cool! In addition to my membership, I can bring TaGeez and some friends to the Zoo in the Spring for next year's series!

It was a great day!

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