Monday, November 18, 2013

MGA13 - Lake St. Clair

Our second stop was Lake St. Clair.

Here, we were distracted by the most wonderous of sites! Did I mention that a tornado watch had been posted? The winds were whipping and the kite boarders were taking advantage of the winds and waves!

I’ve never seen this before. The colorful kites, the flips in mid-air, the speed. We spent a little time before our next adventure to appreciate this awesome phenomenon.

After getting our fill (and realizing that darkness was rolling in as speedily as those fast-moving clouds), we set off. What a fabulous board walk!

Even with everything dormant, it was quite beautful. We enjoyed zig-zagging through the marsh.

Again, TaGeez made the find (you could see it from the path as all the camo had blown off).

Dropped a personal pathtag, signed the log as Team FRL, took a pic of the code and headed back to the car. We did stop one last time to watch the colorful kites dance!

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