Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Power Lady GC34E

Twice in one day!  But this was a story I wanted to share and do so while it’s still fresh. On Monday, TaGeez and I visited Power Lady GC34E – Michigan’s Fifth Oldest Cache hidden February 24, 2001.

According to the cache page description:

It is located in a long abondoned summer camp that used to be used by the kids from Saint Anthonies orphanage in Toledo. The only info I have for when it was closed was in the 60's, this comes from the local barber who used to go down to the nearby beach when the girls were brought down, seems they used to visit by gender :), only to be chased away by the Nuns who typically ran the camp. All of the buildings have since been destroyed/washed away from high waters. But some remnants still remain.

Unlike my original log, a blog post allows me to share the story via pictures.

This was the last "must do" on our list. We had read the prior logs so we parked legally and stayed on the public paths.

Ominous Entry - but nothing that says No Trespassing

Heading down the public path

Our first view of the lake

At this point in the day the winds were whipping, which made the waves crash against the barriers! Awesome! We stopped on the sandy beach for pictures and then headed to the cache.

TaGeez on the beach
Scrapcat, too

Cruise Bug Trackable being released into the cache

Climbing over cement blocks and under tree limbs, with the spirit of adventure carrying us, we rounded the peninsula towards the GC.

Making our way around the penninsula

Remnants but no camp sign

At this point I pulled out my iPhone, but, unlike some previous finders, it had a strong signal and zeroed us right to the spot.  Cache in good shape. Dropped a TB and a personal path tag.

TaGeez made the find!
It's official!  We're on the log!

It had gotten darker as we were stomping along this shore.  However, we still took the time to enjoy the beautiful water, crashing waves, crunching shell path and crackling leaves as we left.

Stopped to enjoy the crashing waves

Brick debris mixed in the leaves

Rounding the peninsula back to the beach

One last look at the sky over the water - great waves!

Last look at the beach before heading back to the car

Fifth oldest cache in Michigan - WOOT! Most excellent way to end our day of adventure! 

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