Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Event? Sure! It's Warm Inside!

The weather recently has been unbelievable.  I heard somewhere that if you are under 40, you've never experienced the cold in Michigan like you did these past few weeks.  Boggling when my weather app states that it's -12 degrees F but "feels like -26"!

Going in for the find!

Even though I'm still on my cache-a-day streak, we played it safe.  We dressed appropriately, went out during the warmest parts of the day, did only quick park-and-grabs, and attended events.  Yes, events.  Because it's warm inside.

Actually, the last week was riddled with them.

Wednesday was the SE MIGO (Southfield) event.  Happens the 2nd Wednesday each month at the Panera in Southfield, Michigan.

Lordy, BSW found a shirt.

KacheHuntr is the youngest of our cachers
Thursday was the 5000th day of Geocaching.  As was mentioned on this week's Podcacher (around minute 12:00), I heard about this milestone on Podcacher and told some friends, the Grundalows.  So they hosted an event at the local Chipotle in celebration.  We were excited to get out of the weather and enjoy a BRRRRRITO!

BSW, Team Gates and TaGeez

This was WikidKriket's 1000th find!

I hang out with some weird people

Sisterly love

KacheHuntr gets around!

The Grundalows: Burrito-hoggers!

Just a few of our crew

As Ben asked, whose photobombing who?
Then Friday was the 10th anniversary of the first Earth Cache.  Captain Obvious hosted an event at Qdoba (because we didn't get enough beans in our diets).  This time my event dragon, Caching Fire, was able to make it!

Chilling with the peeps

Nurse Nanna and Paddling Pirates

I got your nose!

DarrylW4 and Cyclops

Now that's just silly!

KacheHuntr shares his toys
He's just adorable

My favorite pic!  June17 feeding the Fire!

RayQix shares, too!

Not sure which makes the best faces!
WOW! I hang out with some weird people!

Luckily, things have warmed a little, but we're not taking any chances.  Steve and I are attended another event tonight!

Stay warm!

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