Friday, January 17, 2014

My Earth Cache Resolution

Earth Caching has always seemed like a chore to me.  You drive out to some place distant, and you use up a lot of time trying to find answers to vague questions to get a smiley.  Don't get me wrong..... I love water, rocks, and trees, but not the hoops involved in satisfying an Earth Cache's requirements.
"While standing on one foot, look at the sediment at the bottom of the lake. Does it consist of sea horse poop, the dandruff of the Loch Ness Monster, or tobacco spittle from a frolicking leprechaun?"
In my 2.5 years of Geocaching, I've only completed 15 Earth Caches.
With the 10th anniversary of the placement of the first Earth Cache looming, the topic of Earth Caching arose amongst my caching buds.  Their main argument is that I’m not going to the right Earth Caches.  They argue that if I get out of Detroit and its suburbs I would be overwhelmed with the beauty and glory of nature that I would enjoy the challenge associated with ECs.
They may be right.  I’ve only completed one distant one – in Dayton, Ohio – and my sister & I had a blast (not because of the sheer majesty of that waterway, however, but because we were together).  

And my first one, up in Tawas Bay, was deeply moving and the gale winds were powerful.  
Can you see the storm rolling in?

And you can’t forget the Detroit Salt Mines or the Masonic Temple – those were fascinating ECs!

So, on January 10th, 2014, I attended the 10 Years of Earthcaching – Keep it going! Event (GC4VMV6).  Unlike other recent events (gossip central), we actually talked about the most fascinating and the most fun(ny) ECs we’ve experienced. 

I told them my two favorite tales:
·        The time we were at one of the local Metropark and needed to take the PH level of the flowing river only to discover that my brother-in-law brought a PH kit for mead-testing.

·         Another time I was at a different Metropark and had to place a “Needs Maintenance” log on an EC.  The multi-ton glacial boulder was missing.  Yep, just a big hole in the ground like it had just rolled away.  Later we discovered the park moved it closer to the water to install a plaque on it.

So, as part of my New Year's resolutions for 2014, I'm going to make an effort to complete more Earth Caches.  I'm hoping my new 10th Anniversary Earth Cache geocoin (TB69BCT) will inspire me as I carry it arround Earth Cache to Earth Cache.

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