Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polar Vortex Geocaching Steaking

From my log (GC4W6PV):

Polar Vortex (n.) - The polar vortex is circulation of strong, upper-level winds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction -- a polar low-pressure system.  These winds tend to keep the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. On occasion, this vortex can become distorted and dip much farther south than you would normally find it, allowing cold air to spill southward. 

Polar Vortex Geocaching (n.) – The single inspiration to heed all weather warnings and stay indoors as arctic weather sits atop the Midwest region, draining all energy and desire from searching for containers in the woods.  Participants may, however, suffer the overwhelming desire for direct sunlight, pang at the denial of exercise along nature trails and cabin fever.

Polar Vortex Geocaching Streaks (n.) – The decision by many to leave one’s brains at home and venture out to -2˚ F weather with wind chill of -12˚ F, braving the chance of a freezing death, to find a frozen container buried under 8 feet of snow holding a tiny piece of paper that is either encased in ice or too tiny to unroll with frost bite fingers for a smiley and another day on your calendar.

Guess which one I’m suffering from?  Quick find – thanks for the series!  TNLNSL

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  1. This was a very enjoyable day. I enjoyed the art and the history plaques around town.


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