Monday, January 6, 2014

Toasty Toes!

Out grabbing my Cache-a-Day with TaGeez today. The weather is 1°F ("feels like" -13°F) so we made a quick dash. My feet are still thawing.

They weren't toasty like they were on New Year's Day. After the Roseville event, we trekked through piles of snow grabbing new caches. My feet were warm and happy because TaGeez gave me the best advice:

> Put on a pair of thin socks (see blue cotton in picture).
> Adhere toe-warmers in the toe area (Never adhere toe-warmers directly to your skin).
> Cover with wool socks.
> Wear your water-tight LLBean duck boots

Wool socks give an extra layer for warmth, wicks away perspiration, and holds the toe-warmer in place as you slide on your boot.

I never noticed the cold on Wednesday and we were out for 10 hours in Arctic-like conditions tramping through the woods.

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