Sunday, February 16, 2014

5/5 LPC's and Winter-Friendly Attributes

I listen to many geocaching podcast shows include Podcacher.  As much as I learn and enjoy that podcast, I do get a little touchy with Sonny's issue about LPCs.  I've seen some remarkable ones (PaRaDiZ has a nice Christmas vignette in one).  I've also hugged a few during my 2-year Cache-a-day streak.  This winter has been particularly brutal!  Wind chills of -26 degrees F!  Even the lamp post caches have been rather challenging!


Here are a few LPCs plus some other challenging finds from just the last couple of weeks!  And it's been a LONG Winter!  All of these were deemed "park and grabs!








Sterling Heights

Luckily, TaGeez is always a good sport!

Just a side note about Attributes.  I admit that I generally don't look at them except when I'm "streaking in Winter".  All the above caches had "Available During Winter" attributes listed on them.  I think, during snowy Winters like this one that cache owners need to really re-evaluate this attribute on a cache-by-cache basis.  Change them if it no longer applies. And, in many cases, just use them!  We've added a lot of unnecessary miles to the cachemobile when there were no attributes on a cache only to discover it was definitely NOT Winter friendly.

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  1. I am so happy to see that neither one of you has gone over the edge far enough to get your tongue stuck on a lamp post!


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