Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a Two-fer!

Out with TaGeez, grabbing our CaD in the dark. Wind was brutal, bouncing off this wall, and we did our best non-synchronized couples ice skating from the side street to this point. 

We were looking for a nearby P&G (GC4V3KH - HNY14 A Trademark BSW Cache!). We thought it would be rather easy as the coordinates were dead-on and no snow banks piled nearby. No luck. As a "trademark BSW" cache, we knew what we were looking for, but it was definitely gone. I started scouring the ground with my flashlight, thinking it blew away. TaGeez fanned out, and I sent a message to the CO.

Looking over, I saw TaGeez using a pair of forceps to grab something in a wall crack nearby. With a victorious smile, he proudly waved the black flat pack he had extracted from the wall! How did he do that?!? It's really dark out here tonight - we're in between lamp posts & it's a black flat pack wedged in a black crack?!? TaGeez definitely earned his caching hat tonight! 

But wait! We pulled out the log, it's pretty full! Dating back to 2011? Huh? Does a "trademark BSW" cache mean he re-uses his containers and old logs? Just then Team Gates called us - we had found an oldie (GC33Q34 - It's a Wall of a Cache), which we could keep & claim for our "Forgotten Caches Challenges". He also confirmed the location of the P&G, which he allowed us to replace & claim, too. As he stated later, "Of course it would be my BSW cache that goes missing!"

Signed both logs as TaCat - Thanks for the adventure, Team Gates!

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